I help indie films, and their creative teams reach new audiences.


Your connection to audience is everything. Without it your film remains digital data on a hard drive. Proactively nurturing your relationship with an audience and generating attention during production is often the key to securing successful distribution deals. 

The industry is very noisy. Unless you can prove your connection to an audience, and unless you plan your route to distribution, your product will likely be lost in the noise.

build your CONTENT Release strategy

1. story-resonance

Who is the audience and why/how will they connect with your film? 

2. Release Plan

How are you going to connect your project with industry partners?

3. marketing

Building audiences & digital assets then testing advertising resonance.

“a films value isn’t released until it is connected with an audience“


Consultancy helping independent film content to reach new audiences. Ben Pohlman works with filmmakers, sales agents and distributors to craft Distribution-Marketing Campaigns to increase both impact, audience reach and revenue potential.