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what I am focusing on right now

2022 @ Lift-Off Global Network
We’ve got some exciting things lined up and we’re itching to get back to some normality.
Physical festivals are back on the agenda!
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Running the 30-Day Concept Challenge with the Lift-Off Network
The 30-Day concept challenge is a free workshop held on the Lift-Off Network Hub.
It helps filmmakers to create a proposal that is pitch-ready.
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Launching the Producers’ Agency
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(Re) Training for Two Marathons
I trained for two marathons in 2020. Both were COVID cancelled.
So I’m running two in 2021. (When the world opens again)
I’m raising money for cancer research. 
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(Updated October 2021)
This ‘Now Page’ was inspired by Derek Sivers.
An interesting fellow human being. 


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