This is a
'Now Page'

what I am focusing on right now

Running the Proof-of-Concept Challenge
The Proof-of-Concept Challenge is a workshop held on the Lift-Off Network Hub.
It helps filmmakers to create a market ready proof-of-concept for their projects in development.
Get involved here

Launching the Producers Agency (TPA)
We’re on the hunt for producers & projects that need help with marketing & distribution strategies.
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Training for Marathons in 2024
I didn’t get a ballot spot for the London Marathon (Boooo!), so will re-run Manchester or Brighton
Training starts in December

(Updated October 2023)
This ‘Now Page’ was inspired by Derek Sivers.
An interesting fellow human being. 


Consultancy helping independent film content to reach new audiences. Ben Pohlman works with filmmakers, sales agents and distributors to craft Distribution-Marketing Campaigns to increase both impact, audience reach and revenue potential.