Ben Pohlman


First, let me begin with the fact that writing an ‘about me’ page feels a tad absurd.

I’m relatively private by nature but this is a page where I can go against my instinct and share a little bit about myself. I hope it gives you a bit of a flavour of me.

If I’m lucky enough to work with you somehow in the future, this should give you a bit of background on me.

Welcome. 🙂

About me:

I’ve been an Actor, Photographer, Director, Producer, Editor, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Writer, and Teacher.

Then I discovered that focus is essential. As the old Chinese proverb goes, if you chase two rabbits, you’ll lose them both.

So I focused, dropped everything else, and went 100% in on the Lift-Off Global Network. And, it turns out that running a company scratches all my creative itches.

I love to solve problems.

I’m always curious about how things work.

I like to think slow and deep, and I can be obsessive until I have cracked the nut.

I can get lost in details. I try to counter this by looking for simplicity in the complex. This is a problem that I like solving.

I love great storytelling.

I’m drawn to philosophy, meditation, and the exploration of life.

I’m one of those annoying ‘I’m not religious, but…’ guys. I don’t believe in the moral man on a cloud. But there is a mystery to the collective weight of conscious experience across all space and all time.

I love great storytelling. It’s how us humans get to imagine what it might mean to be on planet earth, doing stuff together.

I’m great with technology.

I’m love systems and machines.

I’m good at building things to solve problems.

I’m an incredibly visual person, apparently. I remember doing an aptitude test at school once – the type where they give you a % score in various areas – and on the ‘visual’ section I was off the scale.

I’m an artist.

At school, I knew a ‘proper career’ wasn’t for me. So I shunned university for my first love of acting. Those memories of being on a stage as a young kid are some of my fondest.

In 2009 I graduated from the Oxford School of Drama, three-year acting Diploma.

As it turned out though, I’m not really cut out for the London theatre scene. I love acting. I enjoy the magic, vibrance and truth of a great piece of theatre when it’s at it’s best.

But I don’t do well with destructive egos, and the London theatre scene seems to attract many of them. Plus, I didn’t like waiting for a ‘yes’ to be creative.

As a ‘professional’ actor, I found myself doing hardly any acting. I eventually found my creative itch scratched with my other interests, mainly photography and filmmaking.

I’m an entrepreneur.

After drama school, I founded the Lift-Off Global Network in 2010 with my best mate, James Bradley. We took the business from the ‘local sharing of independent short film’ to the global powerhouse that it is today.

Running and growing a company has been an incredible lesson. Entrepreneurship is one of the most creative acts possible. I fell in love with marketing, operations, technological innovations and keeping a million spinning plates moving.

I love the building and improving systems that entrepreneurship involves.

I’m a husband.

In 2018 I married the wonderful human Herdeep. We had a glorious Indian wedding and now live in Hertfordshire, UK.

I love my work.

Alongside my work at the Lift-Off Global Network, I consult with filmmakers, sales agents, distributors on the digital advertising, and distribution of films (this site’s focus).

Connecting work with audiences is my passion and what I do best.

If you have a project you’d like me to work on, get in touch. I only have space for a handful of projects, but I’m lucky to have a team to help with the heavy lifting.


Consultancy helping independent film content to reach new audiences. Ben Pohlman works with filmmakers, sales agents and distributors to craft Distribution-Marketing Campaigns to increase both impact, audience reach and revenue potential.